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In Japan, a ‘seal’ referred to as inkan or hanko is used in place of the western style signature for personal or formal documentation and works of art. Samurai began using them sometime during the feudal period and were permitted exclusive use of the red coloured ink. After modernization began in 1870 the hanko came into general use throughout Japanese society.

Artists sign their work with a type of hanko referred to as Gagō-in. There are no design restrictions, each hanko is unique to each artist and creative in style. 

Additionally, for just additional $3, you will receive a beautiful hand-crafted message card. Write your own message, or upon request, Michiko is happy to write a word of your choice in Kanji (Japanese version of Chinese characters) for you. For example, love - 愛、Fortune - 福, Peace - 平和 etc.. There are several card designs to choose from as well. 

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