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What is Kokedama? Learn Below.

Kokedama Bonsai
Money Tree Kokedama
$55, 22" x 7" with light
Myrtle Topiary
$45 (14" x 4.5", indoor or during warm seasons, container not included). Myrtle Topiary Kokedama will accompany you for years with proper care. Create good drainage with pebbles. It can be enjoyed as a hanging garden as well. (comes with authentication seal, Ikebana Inspiration by Michiko)
Myrtle Topiary, close up
Kokedama plant
Frosty Fern
Frosty Fern with lights. $55 (without lights $45; 9" x 6", indoor or outdoor during warm seasons, container not included) It comes with authentication seal, Ikebana Inspiration by Michiko.
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What is Kokedama?

Kokedama is an elegant Japanese-style bonsai. The word Kokedama means “moss ball.” Hang them from the string or place them on any surface - it’s a unique way to display an indoor garden! Surprise a loved one - Kokedama is also an exotic and uncommon gift.

Michiko's original hand-crafted Kokedama is made with highest quality 100% organic specially blend soil, wrapped in beautiful naturally preserved moss.

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